Pristine Reflections

Are you looking for the best Charleston housecleaning service? Well you can stop your search right now, because you have found Pristine Reflections, the Mercedes Benz of Charleston home cleaning! We have also been likened to the Ultimate Cleaning Machine. Like these luxury brands, our attention to detail sets us apart. This attention to detail forms the foundation for our pristine cleaning. Combined with our trustworthy reputation and a dedication to clear and fast communication, Pristine Reflections has become the Charleston home cleaning service that your neighbors trust.

Whether you are looking for green cleaning in Charleston, SC or you simply want to have the finishes in your home sparkle, you have found the right company. Unlike some Charleston maid services, we pride ourselves in using ECOLOGO certified cleaning products. And unlike some green cleaning chemicals that leave behind a soapy film, our cleaning products will make your home pristine.

And of course, you have nothing to worry about when you hire us. Not only are you covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we carry all of the required business licenses. We are covered by general liability insurance and a janitorial bond so you can have peace of mind. Whether you are looking for green cleaning or for trustworthy individuals to clean your home; whether you desire a truly pristine cleaning, or you simply want a company where the owners are present, Pristine Reflections is here to take care of your home. What are you waiting for? Give us a call to schedule your FREE estimate so you can find out why our clients agree when we say, “It’s not clean, until it’s pristine!”

We arrived to an immaculate kitchen and bathroom

PRISTINE REFLECTIONS is a local company. Owned by a young couple.  They are located on Johns Island. They only use ECOLOGO Certified Cleaning Products.  The request was to give the kitchen and bathroom a thorough cleaning.  The asking price was $150.00 for the entire job.

Just for a little background information, we were not in the state.  PRISTINE REFLECTIONS came to our house while were gone. They did exactly as promised. We arrived to an immaculate kitchen and bathroom.  My refrigerator was spotless and was absolutely odorless.  The countertops were shining, the cabinets clean. What I love is that there was no toxic odor hanging around my house. Everything smelled just clean.  My bathroom is another story. I am extremely impressed with what they were able to accomplish with my shower doors.  We had a lot of "hard water" deposits on the doors that I have been unable to get rid off.  They are clean and look gorgeous!. All without bleach or other harsh toxic products. I absolutely love the ECOLOGO Certified Cleaning Products! I know this must have taken some elbow grease, but they got it done without extra charges.  We are very pleased with their work and will absolutely use them again, and we will also absolutely recommend them to anybody.  They are reliable and trustworthy. We felt completely confident with them, and trusted them with our house while we were away.